Cannot Click Anything on YouTube

YouTube is a website where videos may be uploaded, viewed, and shared by anyone with an internet connection. It has over a billion monthly visitors, making it one of the most visited websites in the world. However, some YouTube viewers have complained that they cannot click anything on YouTube. As a result, they may be unable to see videos, participate in discussions, or simply move about the site.

In this piece, I’ll explain what’s triggering this issue and what you can do about it.

Causes of Cannot Click Anything on YouTube.

You may be unable to interact with YouTube for a variety of reasons. Several of the most typical explanations are:

  • Browser extensions: YouTube may not work correctly with some browser add-ons. Ad-blocking and feature-adding extensions are particularly prone to this problem.
  • Browser cache and cookies: YouTube issues might also arise if your browser’s cache and cookies get damaged.
  • JavaScript: YouTube requires JavaScript to offer many of its features. Moreover, you will not be able to interact with the site in any way if your browser does not support JavaScript.
  • AdBlockers: AdBlockers can occasionally interfere with YouTube’s ability to load videos and display advertising. Because of this, specific adverts and videos you click on might not load properly.
  • Internet connection: You may experience issues using YouTube if you cannot connect to the internet. This is because YouTube needs an internet connection to load videos and other information.

Solutions to Cannot Click Anything on YouTube.

If you are unable to interact with any YouTube content, there are several solutions you may try. Consider these recommendations:

Disable browser extensions: 

If the issue persists after deactivating all browser add-ons, check whether a specific add-on is causing it. If turning off an add-on solves the problem, you may reinstall it or contact the creator for help.

Clear your browser cache and cookies: 

Deleting your browser’s cache and cookies may help if you’re having trouble with YouTube. You may clear your cache and cookies in your browser’s preferences panel.

Enable JavaScript: 

Many of YouTube’s features require JavaScript, so your browser supports it. To accomplish this, head to your browser’s preferences and check for a toggle to allow JavaScript.

Turn off your adblocker: 

If you are experiencing issues, deactivating any ad blockers you may have installed may help. However, if turning off your ad blocker solves the problem, consider switching to a different one or contacting the creator of the one you’re currently using for assistance.

Check your internet connection: 

Make sure you have a steady internet connection. Contact your internet service provider if you need help with your relationship.

If you’ve exhausted these options and still need help using YouTube’s clickable elements, you may contact YouTube support for extra guidance.

Additional Tips

Follow these additional guidelines to avoid being unable to interact with videos on YouTube.

  • Keep your browser current: Verify that you are running the most up-to-date version. Bug fixes for YouTube problems are often included in new browser versions.
  • Restart your browser: Restarting your browser will sometimes solve minor YouTube issues.
  • Use a different browser: If YouTube doesn’t work in one browser, try switching to another. This might help you determine if YouTube is at fault or if the issue is with your browser.
  • Update your graphics drivers: An old graphics driver might be the root of your YouTube problems. Make sure you have the most recent version of your graphics drivers installed.

If you’ve been unable to click anything on YouTube, we hope this post has helped you find a solution. Contact us in the comments section if you have any more inquiries.