How to Turn Off Beats Solo Pro

Wireless noise-canceling headphones called Beats Solo Pro are well-liked for their chic appearance and outstanding audio quality. To preserve battery life and keep them from unintentionally going on, you could be left wondering how to turn them off if you don’t know how.

Beats Solo Pro Headphones

In this article, we’ll show you two easy ways to turn off your Beats Solo Pro headphones:

Method 1: Folding the Earcups

Folding the earcups inward is the simplest method for turning off your Beats Solo Pro headphones. This will turn them off and automatically disconnect them from your Bluetooth device.

Method 2: Using the Power Button

You may also use the power button to switch off your headphones if you would rather not fold them. On the underside of the right earcup is the power button.

Additional Tips

  • You may verify that your headphones are off by looking at the LED light located on the right earcup.The headphones are off when the light is off.
  • You can also check the headphones’ battery level in the Control Center if you’re using them with an iPhone or iPad.
  • When not in use, you may switch off transparency mode and noise suppression to save battery life.


  • It’s possible that your headphones are not folded correctly if they do not switch off when you fold the earcups.Consider securely folding the earcups.
  • It’s likely that the battery is low if your headphones do not shut off when you push and hold the power button.Attempt to charge your headphones.
  • You may get help from Apple support if you’re still experiencing problems shutting off your headphones.


There are two easy methods to turn off your Beats Solo Pro headphones: by folding the earcups or by pressing the power button. You may quickly save battery life and turn off your headphones by using the advice in this article.