How to Turn Off Ring Camera

Remotely monitoring your property is easy with a Ring camera, making them a popular choice for home security. Ring cameras are great for keeping an eye on your house when you’re not there, but there are instances when you might want to disable them.

You may either disable the Ring camera temporarily or permanently.

Temporarily Turning Off Your Ring Camera

There are a few different ways to temporarily turn off your camera:

  • Disarm your Ring Alarm:  Disarming your Ring Alarm system will disable all Ring devices, including your doorbell cameras. Simply opening the Ring app and selecting the Disarm option will silence your security system.

  • Turning off motion detection:  Motion detection may also be disabled for a single camera. To turn off a camera, launch the app and choose it from the list of available cameras. To turn off motion detection, simply press the tile representing it.

    Motion Detection tile in the Ring app
  • Pausing live view:  Live view may also be paused for a single camera. To do so, launch the app and then tap the camera icon. Then, access the Live View menu by tapping the corresponding button.

Permanently Turning Off Your Ring Camera

You must delete your Ring camera from your Ring account if you wish to turn it off permanently. Launch the app and choose the camera you’d like to disable. Then, select Remove This Device from the Device Settings tile.

Turn Off Ring Camera


Turning off your Ring camera is an easy process that may be done in a few minutes. There is an option that will work whether you need to turn your camera off briefly or permanently.

Additional Tips

  • If you subscribe to the Protect plan, you may watch your recorded footage at any time, regardless of whether the camera is on or off.
  • You can get in touch with support for assistance with turning off your camera if you’re experiencing problems doing so.