Midjourney Stuck on Waiting to Start: Troubleshooting and Solutions

A text-to-image generator powered by artificial intelligence, Midjourney has recently grabbed the artistic world by storm. Artists and fans alike are enamored by the medium because of its versatility and the spectacular and innovative imagery it can produce from mundane text descriptions. Midjourney has been well tested, however it is not immune to software bugs. One typical issue is “Midjourney stuck on waiting to start” state, stopping the AI from creating images. If you’ve faced this frustrating predicament, fret not. Following the procedures in this guide, you should be able to bring your Midjourney projects back on track.

1. Check the Midjourney Server Status

Before delving into potential issues on your end, it’s vital to check that Midjourney’s servers are up and operating. If the servers are unavailable, you will get the “Waiting to Start” message for every prompt you try to process. You may check the server status on the Midjourney website or on their Discord channel.

2. Restart Your Computer and Discord

Rebooting the device can fix software problems and connection problems. You can try generating your prompt again after a full restart of your computer and the Discord program.

3. Cancel the Stuck Prompt

If the servers are functioning OK, the issue may be with the prompt you are seeing. If the stuck question persists in the Discord app, try dismissing it by tapping the red X emoji. However, the prompt can be regenerated after being cancelled.

4. Clear Discord Cache and Settings

We frequently update Midjourney to enhance functionality and resolve bugs. however, to check for updates on the Discord server, click on the avatar of the Midjourney bot and select “Check for Updates.”  You can reset Discord by selecting “Clear Cache” and then starting it again.

5. Rejoin the Midjourney Discord Server

Prompts can get trapped if there are momentary connection issues between Discord and Midjourney. If you’ve accidentally left the Midjourney Discord server, you can try to reconnect to it by going into the server’s settings and hitting the “Leave Server” option before selecting “Rejoin Server.”

6. Check for Internet Connectivity

Midjourney cannot interact with its servers or perform prompts without a reliable internet connection. Moreover, verify that Midjourney can access the internet and that no firewalls or other network restrictions are impeding its access.

7. Check for Midjourney Updates

We frequently make updates to Midjourney to enhance functionality and resolve bugs. In addition,  you can use the Midjourney bot on the Discord server to check for updates by clicking on its avatar and selecting “Check for Updates.” Install any pending updates to guarantee you’re running the latest version.

8. Contact Midjourney Support

Contact Midjourney’s support team via their Discord channel or their official website if the “Waiting to Start” problem persists after you’ve implemented the aforementioned solutions. They will be able to help you even more by getting to the bottom of the problem.

Midjourney stuck on waiting to start! Keep in mind that dealing with software issues requires a great deal of patience. Occasionally, the high volume of users on Midjourney servers can prevent instant processing of requests. Try again later or at a less busy period if the problem persists.