Pixlr How to Change Text Color

Pixlr is a widely used online picture editor praised for its intuitive design and robust set of features. One of its most useful features is the ability to alter text, which can be used to both photos and graphics to improve their aesthetic appeal. Changing the color of text in Pixlr is a simple task that may have a huge influence on the final look of your creations. Mastering this method may improve the quality of your work whether you’re an experienced graphic designer or just starting out. This comprehensive guide will help you in Pixlr How to Change Text Color.

Accessing Pixlr


Obtaining the Pixlr editor is a prerequisite to learning how to alter the color of text. To achieve this, either go to the official Pixlr website or use your browser’s search function to locate the Pixlr editor. Once you get to the Pixlr editor page, you have the option of using either the Pixlr E editor or the Pixlr X editor, both of which include a wide variety of editing options suitable for users of varying skill levels and preferences.

Opening Your Image

To begin, launch Pixlr and load the image you intend to edit. If the image is already online, you may either upload it from your computer or provide a URL to it.

Adding Text

Find the “Text” tool in the left-hand menu after opening your image. To add text to your picture, use the “Text” button. Click the button to begin entering text into the canvas field. The font, size, and style may be adjusted beforehand as well.

Selecting the Text

Once you’ve entered the desired text, you may choose it by clicking on it. An outline surrounding the text indicates that it is a selection.

Changing the Text Color

Select the text you want to edit, then go to the “Text” menu on the main toolbar. The text color picker is one of the editing tools available here. When you select the color palette by clicking on the color picker. You may choose any color from the palette to use as the new text color. If you have a certain color in mind, you may also enter its hexadecimal color code.

Finalizing and Saving

After you’ve altered the text color successfully, take a look at the image as a whole. When you’re finished, hit the “Save” button if you’re pleased with the results. The image may be downloaded in a variety of formats and resolutions to suit your needs.


Pixlr How to Change Text Color – It’s  easy to change the color of text, which may greatly improve the look of your photographs and projects. Using the above as a step-by-step tutorial, you can safely play around with different font colors to make visuals that are both interesting and beautiful. Pixlr is an amazing platform for both novice and seasoned designers because to its user-friendly interface and robust editing capabilities.