PS5 Controller Blinking Blue: Quick Fixes

While a status light is preferable to none at all, it often provides little insight into the problem at hand. What does the PS5 controller blinking blue indicate? And how do you go about resolving the issue it raises?

Why is my PS5 controller blinking blue?

PS5 controller blinking blue

In essence, it suggests that there’s some type of connection issue between your DualSense and the gaming device you generally use it with, whether that’s a PS5 or elsewhere. There may be a software or firmware update for the controller, or there may be a compatibility issue with the device you’re using. If you’re connecting via USB instead of Bluetooth, it might be that the cable or ports are defective.

It’s possible that other Bluetooth devices are interfering with your wireless connection. Even though it’s quite rare, you should check this first before contacting Sony’s customer service or purchasing a new controller.

How To Fix The PS5 Controller Blue Light?

Several solutions exist, some easier to implement than others. Here’s a list of things to attempt, with the more time-consuming ones at the end.

Restart your PS5

If you’re having the same problem as other people, then this one is likely to be the solution.It also functions if you are unable to get past the screen that instructs you to “press the PS button on your controller.”

To turn the system off, press the power button until you hear two beeps. To turn it back on once it has shut off, simply press the power button. The DualSense controller’s flickering blue light should cease once power is restored.

Temporarily disable nearby Bluetooth devices

Naturally, this only applies if your controller is wireless, but it’s simple to disable any extraneous Bluetooth devices in the same room as your gaming setup. You can keep certain devices on, like smartphones, but turn off their Bluetooth radios instantly. To access Android’s Bluetooth settings, scroll down from the top of the homescreen.

Keep in mind that clearing your Bluetooth connection every time you wish to play is unnecessary. Even if this works the first time, interference is usually temporary and won’t help again. Some Bluetooth devices may need to be placed further from the action.

Update the Console

PS5 Controller Blinking Blue

If you want a solid connection between your DualSense controller and your console, you’ll need to make sure both are up to date. When the console connects to the internet, it will immediately download and install any available updates if you have enabled automatic updates. There is still the option to see if the console has been updated.

If you want to make sure your console is up-to-date, here’s what you need to do:

  • The PS5 must be online.
  • Navigate to the menu where you’ll see ‘System.’
  • Go to ‘System Software‘ and choose ‘System Software Update and Settings.’
  • Select “Update System Software” to apply any available updates.
  • It’s best to let the update finish before checking to see if the problem has been fixed.

Reset the PS5 Controller

PS5 Controller Blinking Blue

If your controller is flashing blue without being connected, a simple reset should fix the problem. If you don’t want to lose any of your game data, this will help you repair the problem, too.

Pin (paper clip or SIM ejector) into hole on back of controller, push and hold for 7 seconds, then release to reset PS5 controller. After the reset, your controller will be compatible with your system again.

When you press it into the hole, you’ll hear a click; wait 7 seconds before releasing it. Once the reset it done, you may now connect it to your controller and the flashing blue light will cease.

Check the USB cable and the USB Port

A broken USB cable or USB port might lead to a defective connection between your controller and the console. Connecting the controller’s cord to something else could help you determine if the cable is broken.

In a similar vein, plug a second controller into your PS5’s USB port. You should be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue by following these procedures. Damage to the cable can be easily remedied by just replacing it. If your USB port is broken, you’ll need to have it fixed.