Why does Whea Uncorrectable Error occur? How to fix

A hardware fault is indicated by the Windows halt code 0x0000000000124, which is sometimes referred to as the Whea Uncorrectable Error. When your computer has a serious hardware issue that the operating system is unable to fix, this error may appear. The blue screen of death (BSOD), which is a text-filled screen that shows when Windows meets a significant fault and is unable to continue operating, frequently appears in conjunction with the Whea uncorrectable issue.

Causes of the Whea Uncorrectable Error

The Whea uncorrectable error might have several reasons. Among the most typical reasons are:

  • Faulty hardware: This is the Whea Uncorrectable Error’s most frequent cause. The motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAM, and hard drive are among the hardware elements that could result in this issue.
  • Driver conflicts: The Whea Error can also be brought on by outdated or faulty drivers.
  • Overclocking: The WHEA Error may arise from overclocking your CPU or GPU, which places an excessive amount of strain on your system.
  • Corrupted system files: Another possible source of the WHEA Error is corrupted system files.

Troubleshooting the Whea Uncorrectable Error

The Whea Uncorrectable Error has several potential reasons, making troubleshooting it difficult. There are a few actions you may do to attempt to fix the problem, though.

Update your drivers:

Frequently, driver conflicts that are producing the WHEA Uncorrectable Error may be resolved by updating your drivers to the most recent version.However, using a driver update tool or updating your drivers manually are two options.

Check your hardware:

To determine whether newly installed hardware is the source of the Whea Error, consider uninstalling it. To look for hardware issues, you may also use hardware diagnostic tools.

Reset your BIOS:

Sometimes Whea Uncorrectable Errors that arise from BIOS settings can be resolved by resetting your BIOS to its original settings.

Run system file checker (SFC):

A Windows utility called SFC can find and fix damaged files on your computer.

Perform a system restore:

Sometimes Whea Uncorrectable Errors that are brought on by corrupted system files can be resolved by doing a system restore, which returns your computer’s settings and system files to their original configuration.

Preventing the Whea Uncorrectable Error

You can take the following actions to stop the Whea Error from happening:

  • Keep your drivers up to date: Ensure that you routinely update your drivers to the most recent version.
  • Use hardware that is compatible with your computer: Verify the compatibility of any new gear you install with your computer.
  • Avoid overclocking: Overclocking might lead to issues by overstressing your hardware.
  • Keep your computer clean and well-ventilated: Hardware issues might be caused by heat and dust.Keep your computer well-ventilated and clean on a regular basis.


Although the Whea Uncorrectable Error might be rather annoying, it is typically reversible. You ought to be able to fix the problem and have your computer operating normally again by following the troubleshooting instructions in this article.